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At Revivo, we pride ourselves on building powerful, sophisticated software that’s fun and easy to use. We believe that customers are the foundation of a successful business and we want to enable every team to deliver moments of wow to them.

We are a young and a dynamic team working towards creating softwares that's fun and easy to use.

We have a simple philosophy: Do what you love and love what you do! When you walk into our offices you will see excited conversations, happy faces, round-the-clock energy and most importantly you will witness genuine camaraderie and passion for excelling.

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If you like getting things done, Revivo is the place for you. We are always looking for people who want to make a difference with their work. At Revivo, you will get to work with motivated, skilled and fun-loving people who will value and support you for your out-of-the-box ideas. Share your CV at [email protected] and we will reach out to you.