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About Us


REVIVO is an IIT-IIM founder led start up. We’re on a mission to make Dry Clean & Laundry services Most Affordable and Economic in India.

Everything we do is grounded in the concept of Reviving Style. Style plays an integral role in people’s lives. It is central to every attire and occasion and is core to anyone’s fashion and happiness.

Key to our success are our people and our work culture. They bring the defined style to life, defined by our purpose, mission, and attitude.

“#RevivingStyle the Most Affordable Way”, derives the way we run our company. How we work, how we create our services, and how we engage with our consumers. We strive to expand the limits of human potential, to include and unite people in reviving style, and to create a more fashionably sustainable world.
Driven by a crystal clear mission: To be the Most Affordable laundry Brand in India. Every day, we come to work to create and deliver the best service and consumer experience – and to do it all in a sustainable way. Our aspiration is to be recognized as a credible, inclusive, and sustainable leader in our industry, and we believe that this is what sets us apart as the best."
REVIVO is a company of proactive optimists who are driven to make a positive impact and shape style for everyone. We embrace the philosophy that "Impossible is Nothing" and truly believe in the transformative power of laundry services in reviving people’s style. By harnessing this power, we see unlimited potential to create positive impact in people’s life.

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