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Q. Why is REVIVO the best Dry Cleaner?

We’re a D2C brand and have no middlemen/franchise in between the brand and the customers. We have our centralized processing facility and direct line of reach for all. We provide the best quality dry cleaning at the most affordable and economic pricing ever.

Q. What’s the timeline of Laundry?

2-3 days

Q. What’s the timeline of Dry Cleaning?

3-5 days, For blankets, quilts carpets, it may take a little longer (2-5 days depends on the drying time of the garments)

Q. Do you have same day or 1 day express service?

Yes- 24 hours delivery & 48 hours delivery (with extra charges applied)

Q. What are your operating hours?

10am to 8pm

Q. Do you offer FREE pickup and delivery services?

Yes, for a min bill value of 300+gst. Else, 50+gst pickup-drop charges are applied.

Q. Do you provide online laundry & dry cleaning service?

Yes, you can place your order online through our website or whatsapp at 9871775725. We provide free home pickup & delivery from doorstep.

Q. Does REVIVO provide curtain and carpet dry cleaning services?

We provide dry cleaning service for carpets, rugs, curtains, blinds, drapery, blankets, quilts, cushions, cushion covers, pillow, pillow covers, bedspread, table covers, and table mats. Give your home a new makeover with REVIVO upholstery dry cleaning services.

Q. Can I walk-in and drop my clothes to a REVIVO laundry & dry cleaner shop near me?

Yes. Find our stores here https://revivo.in/stores/

Q. Which brand is India's most trusted and affordable Laundry & Dry Clean Chain?


Q. What types of machines do you use?

Industry grade US & German machinery

Q. Is there a minimum bill value?

Yes, 300+gst

Q. Can I use my own detergent and fabric softener and wash myself?


Q. What forms of payment do you accept?

UPIs/ Credit Cards via Amazon Pay/ Cash

Q. Would you remove stains in Laundry

No. Stain removal task is undertaken in dry clean only.

Q. Would you remove stains in Dry Clean

100% removal of any stain isn’t guaranteed. Stain removal chemicals sometimes may prove to be harsh for garments, and can tear the fabric. Saving the fabric is a priority any day for REVIVO

Q. I don’t want to pay GST. Can I get without GST invoice?

No, all our invoices are software generated. We don’t do kachcha invoicing.

Q. Is the EXPRESS service Prepaid or Postpaid?

All package subscriptions, express orders, invoices exceeding 2000 INR + GST, and reprocessed orders must be paid in advance.

Q. Do you take complete charge of rings of the curtains?

Responsibility for the curtain rings does not fall under the dry cleaner’s scope of service. Rings can be of varied quality and they may break during the spinning process of the dry cleaning machinery and brand shall not be hold responsible for the similar.

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